S1 Episode 7 – What Is The Pre Approval Process For Australian Expats

Episode 7 – What Is The Pre Approval Process For Australian Expats?


Welcome to the seventh episode of the Expat Mortgage Podcast where we discuss the latest issues of securing and maintaining an Australian mortgage whilst you are a Australian expat.

Getting pre-approval from a bank for a home loan can often provide you with peace of mind knowing how much you can borrow however how does this work for Australian expats and can they obtain one?

In this episode we run through the steps an Australian expat needs to take when looking to obtain pre-approval for a home loan from a Australian bank.

Discussion Points on Todays Podcast Episode


In today’s chat we discuss they key points surrounding Australian expats securing a pre-approved loan from a Australian bank:

  • What is a fully assessed pre-approval and how is that different from a desktop or auto pre approval for Australian residents?
  • How long does a pre-approval last and can you renew it?
  • How does the pre approval process work when buying vacant land to build a new property on?

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