S1 Episode 12 – Fixed Rates Rising and Variable Not Budging

Episode 12 – Fixed Rates Rising and Variable Not Budging


Welcome to the twelth episode of the Expat Mortgage Podcast where we discuss the latest issues of securing and maintaining an Australian mortgage whilst you are a Australian expat.

Interest rates are the theme of the month with everyone having an opinion on whether its best to retain a variable or fixed rate mortgage.

In today’s episode we discuss what the difference is between a fixed rate versus a variable rate loan and what Australian expats need to be aware of when planning for future interest rate rises.

While the Reserve Bank of Australia has been adamnet about interest rates not changing until 2024 the money market and rates being offered by the banks suggest otherwise.

Discussion Points on Todays Podcast Episode


In this episode we discuss the differences between a fixed interest rate and variable interest rate mortgage.

Some of the key points we consider include:

  • What is fixed interest rate loan?
  • What is a variable interest rate loan?
  • What does an Australian expat need to consider when looking at either or both options?
  • What is the better option in a rising interest rate environment?

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