Expat Chat Ep 57 – US Retirement Accounts For Australian Expats

Expat Chat Episode 57 – US Retirement Accounts For Australian Expats


Welcome to the fifty seventh episode of #Expatchat where we discuss the latest tax and financial issues affecting an #Australianexpat.

In today’s Expat Chat we talk about the key issues surrounding US retirement accounts that Australian expats who move to the US need to consider and understand.

Many Australian expat destinations offer their own version of a retirement account and the US is no different.

Whether its a 401k, ROTH IRA, or a Back Door IRA Australian expats will be offered to participate in these when they are employed by a US company.

Whilst there maybe a number of financial and tax incentives in the US to participate in these retirement plans its important that Australian expats understand how they work, and if you are considering cashing them in when you are leaving the US, what are the considerations.

Discussion Points on Todays Podcast Episode


In this episode we run through the following topics:

  • What is a IRA?
  • How does a 401k differ from a ROTH IRA?
  • How does the taxing element differ from the traditional Australian super funds?
  • Are you better off redeeming the 401k/IRA whilst you are a US resident or a Australian tax resident?

Links that we discussed in this episode include:

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