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Global Tax, Financial Advice & Mortgage Solutions for Australian Expats in Hong Kong

Atlas Wealth Group is the leading provider of Australian expat financial advice, tax, mortgage and asset management services to Australian expats in Hong Kong as well as over 45 other countries. We are a team of financial planning, tax and mortgage experts that specialises in working with Australian expats….just like you.

Whether you are located in Hong Kong, Macau, or China we have the experience and specialised skills to provide Australian expat tax advice that is vital to ensure that your journey as a Australian expat in Asia is financially successful.

Our clients gain peace of mind knowing they are working with an award winning firm that is licensed with the Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) & the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Established in 2011

Servicing clients in 45 countries

Managing over $175m in assets


Atlas Wealth Management

As a leading provider of Australian expat tax financial and investment advice, Atlas Wealth Management understands the importance of ensuring that when you move overseas not only does your career and personal life benefit but so too does your financial wellbeing.

Atlas Tax

Atlas Tax specialises in the preparation of Australian tax returns for expats and businesses. We also provide specialist tax advice pertaining to tax residency and structuring to help you develop a effective tax strategy to help you navigate the different tax laws from country to country.

Atlas Mortgages

At Atlas Mortgages we make it our job to speak to 30 Australian Mortgage Lenders and review over 500 Australian Mortgage products. This is to ensure that you can secure that mortgage as a Australian expat but also source a loan that is right for you and your circumstances.


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