Atlas Wealth Management Partners With Aussies Abroad Abu Dhabi


Atlas Wealth Management is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Aussies Abroad Abu Dhabi as one of their sponsors. With the United Arab Emirates becoming an increasingly popular destination for Australian expats, organisations like Aussies Abroad Abu Dhabi provide assistance to newly arrived Australians as well as creating a social environment to promote strong relationships in the Australian expat community in Abu Dhabi and ensuring Australian expats are kept up to date on information that relates to their members.

“As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi plays an integral role in the Gulf region and its growth in the last decade has been remarkable” said Brett Evans, Managing Director of Atlas Wealth Management.

“With the recent local appointment of Dan Hackett to the Atlas Wealth Management team it is important that we are able to provide on the ground support to Australian expats to help them make the most of their time in Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The partnership with Aussies Abroad Abu Dhabi strengthens this support for Australian expats and we look forward to a long relationship.”

With both the Australian and foreign governments constantly changing legislation it is important that the Australian diaspora are able to receive Australian expat financial advice and planning that is not only tailored to their citizenship but also the jurisdiction that they live in.

“Recent announcements by the Australian government that are still causing confusion with Australian expats include the removal of the Main Residence Exemption (MRE),  the recent introduction of compulsory HECS & HELP debt repayment for Australian expats, changes to superannuation and many more” said Dan Hackett, Abu Dhabi based financial planner for Atlas Wealth Management.

We have previously provided tailored articles for UAE based Australian expats, including How To Structure your Finances As An Australian Expat In the UAE as well as Life Insurance for an Australian Expat in the UAE, and will continue to provide in depth information that helps Australian expats make the most of their time overseas.

To learn more about the services that Atlas Wealth Management can provide to Australian expats in Abu Dhabi as well as the 24 other countries that we proudly service feel free to get in contact.

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