Atlas Wealth Management Partners With AFL Canada


Atlas Wealth Management Partners With AFL Canada


Atlas Wealth Management is proud to announce our partnership with AFL Canada. AFL Canada is endorsed by the Australian Football League (AFL) and was established in May 1989 when two clubs were formed. The competition has grown exponentially since then and now comprises of:

  • 35 men’s and women’s teams from 20 clubs across six provinces (Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, Quebec, British Columbia and Saskatchewan).
  • A junior group of 150 kids between the ages of 10 and 17
  • A International women’s team called the Northern Lights and Midnight Suns
  • A International men’s team called the Northwind
  • A International junior’s team called the Wolfpack

The Ontario league, centering on Toronto but including other cities from as far a field as Guelph, Hamilton and Ottawa, is considered the largest league outside of Australia.

“With a number of clients living and working in Canada, partnering with AFL Canada and becoming a sponsor seemed a natural fit to us” Managing Director Brett Evans said when asked about the new partnership.

“We are proud of the financial services we provide to Australian expats in Canada and its great to work with an organisation like AFL Canada who embodies the same spirit that we do at Atlas Wealth Management – to provide a network for Australian expats to make the most of their time overseas whilst at the same time retaining their link back to Australia.


About Atlas Wealth Management – Atlas Wealth Management is the leading provider of Australian expat financial advice. No matter where you are based in the world, we have the experience in providing financial planning and wealth management services to the Australian expat community. With clients in over 18 countries it doesn’t matter whether you are based in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Hong Kong, or London we have the skill and expertise in ensuring that the advice that you receive is tailored to you. Our specialty is in providing Australian expat financial advice and it is not something we do from time to time – we do this for a living. We are the global financial adviser to Australian expats.




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