ATO Announces Data Matching Program Focusing On Tax Residency

ATO Announces Data Matching Program Focusing On Tax Residency – The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has announced a new data matching program in conjunction with the Department of Home Affairs that will involve them receiving passenger movement information from over 670,000 individuals for each financial year.

The data matching program will obtain records for the tax years 2016-17 through to 2022-23 and include the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Personal Identifier (PID)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Arrival Date
  • Departure Date
  • Passport Information
  • Status types (visa status, residency, lawful, Australian citizen)

The ATO is looking at the records with a particular focus of tax residency and a individuals residency status based on their movements and presence in Australia.

The information will be provided from the Department of Home Affairs to the ATO on a daily basis and the data will be electronically matched with certain sections of the ATO’s data holdings.

The data in this program is not used directly to initiate automated compliance activity. Taxpayers selected for the ATO’s compliance activities are identified through other methods.

The passenger movement data-matching program will be used:

  • to verify identity and residency status for registration purposes
  • in ATO risk detection models and as an indicator of residency to help the ATO in profiling, determining and assessing candidates for residency status for Australian tax and superannuation.

This latest announcement is another timely reminder for Australian expats to always ensure that they manage their financial affairs in a compliant manner.

With the introduction of many domestic and international data matching programs (like the Common Reporting Standard) the world is becoming a smaller space for Australian expats.


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