Report Highlights Need For Australian Expats To Save – this month a report released by the Australian expat advocate organisation Advance highlighted the importance for Australian expats to save whilst they’re overseas.

In the report titled “They Still Call Australia Home” they discuss the challenges that Australian expats are facing in securing work when they return to Australia with over a third (34%) of Australian expats surveyed not being successful in landing an interview where their skills matched the job requirements for a particular role.

According to the report it takes returning Australian expats 2.1 months longer than the average job seeker to secure a job.

When you combine that time of not earning an income along with the large relocation costs that Australian expats have to face when moving back to Australia the importance of making the most financially of your time overseas becomes apparent.

For those Australian expats who have been away for a long period of time they may be unaware of how expensive Australia has become and when they’re faced with no job or income for a extended period of time financial stress can be very high unless they have been able to save whilst they were overseas.

In fact two thirds (67%) of returned Australian expats surveyed considered packing up and moving overseas to get the role that they desired.

The report goes onto to highlight that according to a third of recruiters surveyed, Australian expats misjudge their earning power in Australia.

If you are considering moving back to Australia, either in the short or long term, please ensure that not only do you have a good time overseas but you also make sure that you have something financial to show for your time away.

You may find that not only will it take longer than you expect to secure a role back in Australia but that you may not be able to earn as much as you think.

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