Expat Chat Episode 75 – Update On Tax Residency Rules

Expat Chat Episode 75 – Update On Tax Residency Rules


Welcome to the seventy fifth episode of the #Expatchat podcast where we discuss the latest tax and financial issues affecting an #Australianexpat.

In today’s Expat Chat we provide an update on the proposed tax residency rules and what sort of timeline Australian expats can expect.

For many years Australian expats have been working from the existing Tax Residency rules that have been around since the 1930’s.

In 2019 the Board of Taxation published the Reforming Individual Tax Residency Rules – A Model for Modernisation report with the aim of updating the tax residency rules which both Australian residents and non-residents comply with.

In the May 2021 Federal Budget the uncumbent government at the time introduced the recommendations and set about a pathway for updating the tax residency rules.

Since then the silence has been defeaning from Canberra. A tiny mention has been made by the Labor party but certainly no formal policy decisions have been announced.

Discussion Points on Todays Podcast Episode


In this episode we run through the following topics:

  • What is the status of the proposed tax residency changes?

  • What is the status of the petition that was sent to Canberra?

  • What is the new draft ruling by the ATO on tax residency?

Links that we discussed in this episode include:

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