Expat Chat Ep 46 – Can You Get Free Expat Financial Advice

Expat Chat Ep 46 – Can You Get Free Expat Financial Advice?


Welcome to our forty sixth episode of #Expatchat where we discuss the latest tax and financial issues affecting an #Australianexpat.

In today’s Expat Chat we discuss can a Australian expat get free financial advice and what are the catches with those who are offering such a service.

For those Australian expats based in the Middle East or Asia they would be well accustomed to the unprompted introductions that they receive from the army of offshore financial advisers or OFA’s as they are commonly known as.

You know the sales pitch they run with: don’t invest money back in Australia as you will be classified as a resident for tax purposes, investing in superannuation is a condition of tax residency, you need to invest offshore to grow your money and avoid paying capital gains tax both for the duration you are away as well as when you return back to Australia.

And like we have said on many a previous episode these are all lies.

One of their favourite phrases is that the advice won’t cost you anything so what is there to lose.

Discussion Points on Todays Podcast Episode


In this episode we run through the following topics:

  • What is the difference between a commission versus fee for service?

  • How does the free advice model work?

  • What accountability do these offshore financial advisers have?

  • What qualifications does a Australian expat financial planner need to hold to be able to provide compliant and qualified Australian expat advice?

Links that we discussed in this episode include:

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