Global Mobility Guide

Atlas Wealth Management is proud to work with a number of the largest Australian and international corporations in offering our Global Mobility Advisory Service.

This is a service that we offer to those companies that employ Australians who are either about to be relocated overseas or are already based offshore.

When your employees are considering accepting an overseas posting it is important that they understand the financial ramifications of accepting an offer to relocate overseas.

With the cost of employing and training staff increasing every year, it is important that companies provide their expatriate employees with services that are above and beyond that of a normal salary package to avoid high staff turnover.

In a recent survey of over 1,000 Australian employees, 49.5% of senior managers (those who manage between 11 and 50 employees) were found to be seriously considering leaving their organisation.

Research has shown that a good salary is not enough to retain key staff and by providing a suite of extra benefits they are more likely to stay in their present position.

One of the key components of the Global Mobility Advisory Service is that we provide either a one off or ongoing service to your employees.

We can either visit the companies office and conduct either a one-on-one and/or group presentation to your employees or we can conduct these services via video call.

Topics that are discussed include how to take advantage of their present circumstances of being an expat, what not to do with their money whilst they are overseas and how to prepare financially for their return back to Australia.

The employers benefit because they are seen to be assisting their employees create a stable financial future and providing an ancillary service that is not normally offered by the competition.

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