Atlas Wealth Management Turns 5


Atlas Wealth Management is pleased to announce that today marks our 5th year of operation. On the 1st of September 2011 Atlas Wealth Management started with a vision of educating Australian expats and providing compliant and tailored advice to the Australia diaspora living and working overseas.


Atlas Wealth Management Managing Director Brett Evans said that they were especially proud to have been the first financial services firm in Australia to provide this service to expats.


“Over the last 5 years the team and I at Atlas Wealth Management have worked tirelessly to deliver a first class service to Australian expats living overseas and for the first time allows them to receive compliant and professional financial advice that is tailored to their circumstances of being an Australian expat overseas”.


In the last 5 years Atlas Wealth Management’s client base has grown to servicing expats in over 18 countries located on 5 continents.


“We have some pretty big plans over the coming years and look forward to continuing with our goal of educating Australian expats wherever they are located and providing them with the information that is required for them to make informed financial decisions and to make the most of their time overseas” said Mr Evans.


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