Expat Chat Episode 64 – Listener Q&A – #AskAtlas

Expat Chat Episode 64 – Listener Q&A – #AskAtlas


Welcome to the sixty fourth episode of #Expatchat where we discuss the latest tax and financial issues affecting an #Australianexpat.

In today’s Expat Chat we answer a number of questions that listeners have sent in over the past couple of weeks.

If you have a question you would like to ask us please send them in by clicking on the link below.

This is also a reminder for those Australian expats in the UAE to reserve your seat for our upcoming seminars in Dubai and Abu Dhabi next week.

Seats are filling fast so don’t miss out.

Details can be found in the links below:

If you have a question regarding tax, mortgages, investments or superannuation this is a must attend event.

Making the decision to leave Australia for new opportunities abroad is made for various reasons and at various times in our lives.

Usually, the plan is to spend a few years abroad and come home in a better place financially than when we left, but this is not always the case, and is often a hotly debated topic in the chat rooms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Whether you have lived abroad for decades, are fresh off the plane, or somewhere in between, this is the session you don’t want to miss.

Covering everything from Australian tax, super, FX, mortgages, retirement, repatriation, deemed disposal, and plans around the proposed residency changes, there is something for everyone!​

Discussion Points on Todays Podcast Episode


In this episode we run through the following topics:

  • Maintaining tax residency with Australia when living overseas

  • Australian expats buying ETF’s

  • Dubai property market

Links that we discussed in this episode include:

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