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Obtaining professional advice is an important consideration when becoming an Aussie expat for the first time or even if you already live overseas. 

The Atlas Wealth Group can assist Australian expats in every step of their journey. From providing a Pre-Departure Review before you leave the country, to providing ongoing tax and financial advice whilst you are overseas and lastly providing a Repatriation Review before you plan to come home we’ve got you covered on every step of your expat journey.

Being an Expat

Your time as an expat can be an exciting part in your life however you always need to make sure that your time overseas is fulfilling not only from a personal and career aspect but also financially. 

In today’s modern age the world is becoming smaller and that means you need to ensure that you are receiving financial advice that caters to all of the aspects in your expat journey.

In years gone by, you may have been able to get by with little to no financial planning for Australian expats due to the large distances involved combined with the lack of digital integration between governments however that has now changed. 

Global reach

Governments around the world have started to integrate their systems with that of other governments and enacted legislation that increases their reach outside of their territorial borders putting the onus back on the expat to ensure that they are making the right decisions when it comes to their finances.

Cross-border financial advice for Aussie expats is a speciality that can only be conducted by someone that who works in this field every day. The laws and regulations change so often that an adviser who provides advice to expats from time to time will not be able to stay up to date.

When seeking tax or financial planning advice for Australian expats its important to ensure that the adviser that you are dealing with, whether they are locally based in Australia or are overseas, tailors their advice to not only the jurisdiction that you are living in but also your status as an Australian citizen.