Atlas Wealth Management Expands to Singapore


Atlas Wealth Management is pleased to announce that it is expanding to Singapore with the recent appointment of Jarrad Brown as a specialist financial planner. With over 20,000 Australian expats based in Singapore the region has been under serviced for many years, with Aussie expats having to rely on either advice from advisers out of Australia or no advice at all.

Brett Evans, Managing Director of Atlas Wealth Management said today that by appointing Jarrad and getting “boots on the ground” in Singapore this was an important step in Atlas Wealth Managements’ ambition to deliver professional, quality advice to Australian expats the world over.

“Australian expats in Singapore will now have a specialist financial planner based locally that is licensed in Australia with whom they can discuss their financial circumstances, and understands their circumstances as an Australian based overseas.”

When asked why Jarrad is excited to be working with Atlas Wealth Management “As one of the only Australian-licensed, expat-focused financial advisory firms, Atlas provides an excellent fit with our team here in Singapore. As an Australian-trained and qualified adviser in Singapore, I recognise the specialist needs of Australian expats abroad. By joining Atlas, this allows me to provide advice on their Australian assets whilst they’re offshore and ensuring a successful repatriation if they decide to return.” Jarrad will continue to work with Global Financial Consultants, where he has been part of the Australian Expatriate Group, to provide offshore advice through their Singapore License.

“A big part of the process in appointing Jarrad was working with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to ensure that all regulatory requirements were maintained and adhered to. Compliance, whether in Australia or overseas, is a very important aspect of the financial services industry and is something we take very seriously. By working with Global Financial Consultants we have been able to provide a solution that addresses the financial needs of Australian expats both in a onshore as well as a offshore capacity.” Evans added.

About Atlas Wealth Management

Atlas Wealth Management is the first Australian financial services firm setup to solely provide financial services and advice to Australian expatriates. Born out of the demand from Australian expatriates who wanted a financial planner they could trust back in Australia to look after their investments and superannuation whilst they went overseas, Atlas Wealth Management continues to provide expats with a specialised and tailored service whilst they are offshore.


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